Critique your technology infused lesson plan

Critique your technology infused lesson plan

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Analyze your lesson plan, applying concepts (instructional strategies/methods) discussed in this reading such as scaffolding, direct instruction, guided discovery, demonstration/modeling, embedded learning activities, interactive discussions, problem solving, prompting, and Zone of Proximal Development.

Write a reflective page (Microsoft Word Document), explaining how you applied one of the instructional techniques listed above in your technology infused lesson. If necessary, revise your lesson plan to include one of these strategies. These strategies should be infused with educational technology. You should use at least one strategy in your lesson.

Please keep in mind that as educators we start with the standard(s) or learning objective(s), select the appropriate instructional strategies to teach students, and select the technology that best fits the instructional strategy.

Additionally, see if you can include a family extention activity (Family/School Connection) on the lesson plan template, which includes technology. Please keep in mind that the technology must be practical for families.

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