Critique of the Article Changing Health Behavior in Youth: Plus 40 years

Critique of the Article Changing Health Behavior in Youth: Plus 40 years

4. After reading the article. Complete a five page article critique in APA format. Do NOT list or use bullets. This is a writing assignment. Organize your critique

according to the resources provided.
Create an APA document with one inch margins, double spaced and 12 size font. To avoid formatting problems, save all documents as PDF files. No other format will be

accepted or graded.
The document must be in APA format. Review APA resources on the Moodle site to determine correct formatting of entire paper. Resources must be cited “in text” and a

reference page must be included.
NOTE: There should only be ONE source. The article you are critiquing.
Introduction: Overview of article.
Critique: Answer the questions as outlined in your “Critiquing a Journal Article” article. Cite your reference (there should only be one – the article you are

critiquing) in APA format in text (in your assignment) when using direct sentences or re-phrasing information from the article. Any use of the article information

without citing is plagiarism. Resources are provided on the Moodle site to help review “how to cite” references.
Conclusion/Summary: Provide your personal perspective on the article. For instance, did you learn something new, was it easy or hard to read and understand, and did it

help increase your understanding of how journal articles are written?
NOTE: Your assignment should be 5 pages. A title page, three complete pages of writing and one reference page.
_____ APA formatting (title page, header, in text citations, reference page) (20 points)
_____ Introduction (15 points)
_____ Critique (includes “in text” citations) (25 points)
_____ Summary (15 points)
_____ Total Possible (75 points)
Zero points for plagiarizing. Students who plagiarize run the risk of being reported to administration.
Points (1 point each) deducted for spelling and grammatical errors.


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