Critical Thinking Evaluation Table

Critical Thinking Evaluation Table

Paper instructions:

This Critical Thinking Assignment has five steps:

Read Chapters 1 & 2 in Understanding Research: A Consumer’s Guide.
Using the CSU-GC Library, identify a professional journal that is relevant to this course’s field of study. (our course name:Effective Organizations Theory and


Select a current (2010-2012) research article related to one of the topics we have covered in the last four weeks. (The topics we have covered in the last four

weeks such as, management theory analysis, managing performance, organizational culture, ethics and corporate culture, leadership theories, mission statement and

corporate strategy. )

Read the article carefully and complete the Critical Thinking Research Evaluation Table.

Things to remember when completing the Critical Thinking Research Evaluation Table:

Use academic writing style, clear and concise language, and well-constructed paragraphs (a minimum of three sentences are required to develop a paragraph).
Ensure complete adherence to the CSU-GC graduate APA formatting standards.
Limit the length to 400 to 600 words. Include a title page and reference page with the Critical Thinking Research Evaluation Table.

Module 4 Critical Thinking Research Evaluation Table
Research Topic (5 points)
The topic is the overall subject, a broad concept in Organizational Management. The topic is not the problem to be solved; that comes later.  Example:  Employee morale

Problem or Management Dilemma  (5 points)
The problem is established with factual data and is found in the introductory portion of the research article or report.

Purpose for the Research (5 points)
The purpose of the study defines what the researcher wants to find out and is found in the introductory section of the research article.  Sometimes the purpose

contains a research question/s. For example, …

Literature Review (5 points)
A written summary of books, journal articles, and other published material (online or hard copy) that you have researched on this topic and describes the past and

current state of literature related to the topic, problem, and purpose.  Minimum number or sources:

Research Methods (5 points)
A researcher makes a decision about the broad nature of a research approach: typically quantitative/confirmatory or qualitative/exploratory.
Research design strategies are driven by the chosen research approach and the research purpose.
Research design strategies include: types of data collected, how the data is collected, and what preparation of data is used, analytical techniques, and presentation

of information.

Audience (2 points)
The groups, associates, profession, and/or individuals that the researcher suggests might benefit from the findings of this study.

Research Evaluation (3 points)
Assess the research process used in the study and compare and contrast to the research process and steps outlined in Chapter Two of Understanding Research.

Discuss how your organization may or may not use the findings from this study.  Substantiate your opinion with concrete examples.


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