critical review of the three articles

critical review of the three articles
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You should write a critical review of the three articles (max 750 words each) that would be uploaded on a three pdf files.

1. Mcdonaldistion- theoretical critique
2. Woman’s place- ideological critique
3. Girlheaven- methodological critique

Here what You have to do in these articles:

1. Mcdonaldistion- theoretical critique
– define mcdonaldization in the begining
– say what kind of theory is this
– say sentence or two about his concept
– say something about irrationality of rationality
– is the case that other sectors (hospitals,etc.) are mcdonalized
– globalization process of mcdonaldization
– critique: cultural critique, economic critique, global critique
– the idea of globalisation is a post-modern phenomenon
– Anti-Globalisation movement?

2. Woman’s Place article- ideological critique
– look what feminist say and what the author say and put your opinion
– layout his ideas against feminist and argue your own piece

3. Girlheaven- Methodological critique
– What kind of approaches/methods they use
– could’ve they done the qualitative research
– what other methods (survey, sample shops, compare boys rather than just girls, etc.) you prefer they should’ve done and why?
– at the end say which one would you prefer
You are required to produce a portfolio of three critiques (of not more than 750 words each) of the articles provided by your tutor (see below). Each critique should be of a different academic article and apply a different mode of critique i.e. each article will be predominantly critiqued using either a ideological, theoretical, or methodological critique. Although you will be expected to evidence your argument by referring to relevant reading, the emphasis in this assessment is on critically evaluating the specific articles using the techniques discussed in lectures and seminars rather than introducing different viewpoints.
In addition to the generic marking criteria in the SASS Undergraduate Handbook 2011/2012, the critiques in the portfolio will be assessed against the following criteria.
1. The ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the article by using your own words.
2. The ability to apply each of the three types of criticism: ideological, theoretical, and methodological, appropriately.
3. The ability to produce a reasoned, coherent and consistent argument.
You must use the referencing convention that is detailed in the School of Applied Social Science (SASS) undergraduate programme handbook.

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