Critical reflection on personal pedagogy

Critical reflection on personal pedagogy

UK books only. use Harvard reference edition 5 2013-cite within text of your work surname, year and page number. I will upload notes and information

‘’Critical reflection on personal pedagogy’’ notes
USE UK RESOURSES ONLY AND HARVARD REFERENCE, ED 5 (references citing number pages within essay).
Reflect on own personal pedagogy. Link theory to personal pedagogy.
Show understanding of pedagogy. Explain and define pedagogy including social and throughout essay (Greek). Explain/a paragraph on the benefits of reflection/what is it…Pedagogy- an activity by one person designed to enhance the learning of another. Transferring knowledge. Learning and teaching. The art or science of learning. Social pedagogy is an approach to caring for children. Concerned with the theory and practice of holistic education and care. Social, political and cultural.  Behaviour of teaching, what we do; what/how we think – discuss it and reflect. The educational process is about ‘supporting, walking beside and leading the child, learning alongside the child.
Idea- mention How others’ work, Children’s Rights, when discussing childhood (children’s lives) ‘ecological model- Bronfenbrenner.
3 examples of what has driven you. (for me personally: 1-singing and dancing has always made me feel happy, 2-caring for dolls and young children, attachment and consistency, 3-support and advising other parents and staff effectively after receiving such high praise from parents regarding my advice).
1 example of how you have demonstrated your pedagogy- music and singing.

What is deeply embedded in your practice and pedagogy. What influenced you becoming a nursery nurse. What does it say about your pedagogy. Your personal approach, your journey…
1 – Personally I sang and danced all the time when I was young and still do and this impacts in my work; musical toys, singing, dancing and music.
2 – I attended a pre school when I was young and anyone shorter, not younger than me I used to ‘mother’ them by cuddling them, now I adore and am passionate about the under two’s and have worked with them for over ten years. I love the representation of young children eg dummy, milk bottle, posters with midwifes in their outfits. Personally I had dolls from young to teenager age and from young did not share my doll as I understood even then my doll needed me and me only, now realise it was about consistency and attachment. Use and mention ‘Teacher standards’ (Early Years) standard 2.3 and   2.6
3 – Personally spoke to parents when I was first qualified in 1993 and found myself giving advice and guidance to support families and realised after receiving high praise and positive feedback from my advice I am passionate and effective about parent partnership and now explain to new staff the importance of parent partnership and how this ensures an excellent relationship to or with both child and their family. ‘Teacher standards’ 2.7,  5.5 and 8.5

Discuss-Rooted in our values and beliefs about what we want for children.
Reflection questions – Has there been a ‘define’ moment when you have suddenly been struck by your own art of working with children is all about, eg Number 1 – understanding how singing and dancing can allow you to express yourself.
How are you values, principles and beliefs shaped by your experiences. Sustain learning.
Mention in essay Pioneers of pedagogy eg-
Montessori, M
Freire, P…
Authentic pedagogy- how you really feel inside, what you say, do you really do it, are you restricted, any challenges
Personal touches. (I am able to do it, personally I am not restricted)
(within the essay you can say ‘I’ at times.


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