critical appraisal autism’s false prophets

Topic: critical appraisal autism’s false prophets

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Book-Austism’s False Prophets, Offit, P. A. (2010).
Autism’s false prophets
? From Chapter 8 through Chapter 11 AND Epilogue, page 547,
? Assignment topic – what conflict of interests were addressed which had a significant influence on the science of the research in Autism’s False Prophets?
Content of posts must be meaningful, thoughtful, and substantial (possibly even provocative). Justify your statements by referencing your textbook (Burns, N., Grove, S. K., & Gray, J. (2015). Understanding Nursing research: (6th ed.). St. (ISBN: 978-1-4557-7060-1). Use of APA format is required. The post should contain at least 2 reference citations from the textbook. For now it is only one page; however, I will send another instructions for the other page. Both pages content is the some. PLEASE PLEASE THIS ORDER IS ONLY ONE PGAE FOR NOW THE OTHER PAGES’ INSTRACTION WILL BE SEND WHEN YOU ARE DONE WITH THE FIRST PAGE .
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