Critical analysis of how a project was/is being managed (select a project)

Critical analysis of how a project was/is being managed (select a project)
MGT8022 – Project-based management

Words count: 3000-4000 approximately

TOPIC: Critical analysis of how a project was/is being managed

R e minder:

0 Please do not be tempted to submit material taken from an assignment from a
previous offering of MGT8022 as it will be detected by plagiarism software (even if
it is modified), and the consequences are severe.

o Assignments should be attached to the specific MGT8022 electronic mark sheet for this

0 All assignments are to be submitted through the electronic assignment submission facility
on the study desk.

0 Check the file types and maximum file sizes that can be submitted through the website.

0 Assignment 2 submissions that do not include an Originality Report generated by Turnitin
will not be marked (refer previous instructions).

W 0 rd length

3000-4000 words approximately, exclusive of the executive summary, tables, figures,

appendices, etc. and excluding all appendices.

Software requirement to complete assignment

Software requirements for this assignment will include word processing. If you need to

produce a project schedule, a copy of MS Project may be supplied with the study materials.

Assignment structure

Refer to the Assignment Guidelines for assistance in completing Assignment 2. Remember to

integrate academic theory into your assignment to support your arguments and proposals.

Guidelines for preparation of assignments are provided on the StudyDesk for the course.

These are in the form of short Videos which explain how to carry out critical analysis of your

selected project in relation to the topics for each assignment. You are strongly advised to

watch these Videos multiple times during the semester to ensure you have an understanding of
the expectations of the course examiner.

To carry out this assignment, it will be necessary for you to read other texts and journal

articles on managing projects. It is recommended that you use the e-Books and electronic

journals available from the USQ Library website.

By now, you should have chosen a project for analysis. If you are working on a very large

project, you can use one of its sub-proj ects for your assignment. If the project is too large, it

may increase your workload significantly and it is not recommended.

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