Critical account on one contemporary international issue


Write a 2,500 word critical account on one contemporary international issue, based on one country, other than the UK, in line with the main aims of the module.

Select ONE international current l issue. Only select one of the following only talk about one country from the section below. – Norway and the impact of quotas for women on boards – the role of women in work in a specific country – the role of seniority in Japan – the role of unions in employee relations in China – how India has managed the caste system in education and work – how performance management might be applied in China Students will be expected to show that they are able to integrate the relevant areas as covered by the module into the essay and to ensure that the learning outcomes are addressed. Another point to consider is the need to include critical analysis in the essay since this is expected at level 5. If you are unsure about critical analysis, you need to check the skills development available through in the library as well as the writing skills development books available in the library. • Level of perception in the complexity of the answer (20%) • Discussion of the complexity of the work environment and how this relates to managing a global and diverse workforce in the chosen country/context (20%) • Development of a logical argument that relates to the question (20%) • Understanding of the source material demonstrated through the way that this is integrated into the essay in order to support arguments and assertions (10%) • General presentation including structure (10%) • Standard of referencing (10%) use more than 12 refrences

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