Criminological Theory

Criminological Theory

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Question 1. Identify two criminological theories from ‘Criminological Theory: Past to Present’ that operate at multiple levels of analysis. Compare and contrast those theories with respect to how well they explain criminality at the different levels. Which theory is more effective at this task? Why? (3 pages)

Question 2. Use a table or figure from the most recent Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics ( that you find interesting. Briefly summarize the content of your selection. You should also include a full reference including URL. Next, select two criminological theories from Criminological Theory: Past to Present (reference below). Discuss how each of these theories would contribute to the understanding of the subject of your selection and/or refute the findings of your selection. Be sure to fully explain the theories and how they relate to the selection. Which theory is more relevant in explaining the statistics selected and why?
(3 pages)

Each question shall be 3 pages in length, for a total of 6 pages, APA style and citations, double-spaced using 12-point font and one-inch margins. All references must be fully cited including in text citations with page numbers. Keep questions separated.
Paper consistently and accurately adheres to all style and formatting requirements, including references. Length is appropriate. No errors in grammar, spelling or syntax throughout the entire document. Paper’s theme or key idea is completely developed; the ideas are clear, well defined and unique. The argument is cogent with numerous original, points fully developed. The paper contains the an unexpected quantity of high quality thought provoking ideas which are skillfully used to creatively and completely support the topic as required, to be complete in 2 days if possible.

References to be used in addition to articles:

Bernard, T, Snipes, J., & Gerould, A. (2010). Vold’s Theoretical Criminology (6th ed.). New York. Oxford University Press.

Cullen, F., Agnew, R., & Wilcox, P. (2014). Criminological Theory: Past to Present (5th ed.). New York. Oxford University Press.


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