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1) Define or identify each of the following and discuss the importance

a. STEP Act in California
b. Expectation of privacy “2 part test”
c. In re: Kemmler 136 U.S 436 (1890)
d. Gregg v. Georgia 428 U.S 153 (1976)
e. Gang injunctions and crime rates in Los Angeles
f. Atkins v. Virginia 536 U.S 304 (2002)
g. Stings v. and reverse stings; policing for profit
h. Riley v. California 134 S.t 2473(2014)
i. Problems with lethal injection executions
j. Laquan McDanald, police videos, how the case is being handled

2) Compare and contrast the backlash against Japanese citizens of the U.S (1942 after the Pearl attack) and the fear of Muslim in the wake of recent ISIS attacks in Sinai ( Russian airliner) , Paris and San Bernardino. Discuss Korematsu v. U.S and Hirabayashi v. U.S. Have these decisions been overturned by the Court? What would you say to presidential candidates who recommend that (1) law enforcement spy on U.S morgues, (2) we detained suspected “radical jihadist Islamist” in “special areas

3) Explain Furman v. Georgia 408 U.S 238 (1972) and the death penalty moratorium. What is cruel and unusual punishment? Discuss the pros and cons of the death penalty (consult the innocence Project website, Discus the probative value of confessions and DNA evidence. Why are police lineups notoriously flowed?

4) What’s behind the “Black Lives Matter” movement? What would you recommended to improve relations between cops and communities of color? How would you reduce police use of lethal force versus a person with a knife ( Laquan McDonald in Chicago, Mario Woods in San Francisco).? How were London police able to subdue and arrest a mentally ill suspect wielding a machete without shooting him? ( see YouTube video “30 UK Police vs man armed with machete in street”)

5) How do you define a criminal street gang? Why do youth join gangs? Why has violent street gang activity been increasing in some Bay Area cities? Define “restorative justice” and discuss whether or how it might dissuade young people from a life crime. Discuss the strategy of imposing enhanced penalties from violent incidents that further the goals of street gangs. Discuss the three street gangs. What is “revenge bait” and being “sexed in” to a male gang? what are the trends and why should cops worry?

6) Analyze some “bad laws” in history of the U.S Give some examples criminal status that the Supreme Court eventually overturned.

7) Write an essay on “the Stanford experiment” in the psychology of imprisonment by Philip Zimbardo 1971. What was the purpose of the experiment, why was it ended after only six days? Does it inform us about tendencies in modern California prisons such as Pelican Bay and “ the SHU”? Comments in a transformation of human character.

8) Are attacks against Planned Parenthood & abortion doctors, lone wolf racist attacks, and the mass shooting in San Bernardino crimes or terrorism? What is the distinction? Analyze. What happens if self-directed terrorists “ go dark” as they did in Paris? What are implications for law enforcement and Signals Intelligence?

9) President Obama criticized the use of military equipment, warrior cops, and militarization of our police as contributing to the bad atmosphere and rioting in Ferguson. With new fears of ISIS terrorist attacks on our homeland, some have recommended that we now increase militarization and resume collection of “big data” by NSA. Discuss the need for and dangers of militarization. Do you recommend more security even if the means a sacrifice of liberty and privacy? Is this part of ISIS”s intent to cause the U.S. incur cost and question our values? Analyze and explain your views.

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