Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice
prepare a presentation on the assigned profession that is common within the law enforcement field. You will have to submit one project for the whole group. In the subject line put the number of your group and the name of the profession you are presenting. Review the presentations of other groups and leave a comment.

Thanks Group 12.
1how easy it is to find that job,-
2- places where to look for the job,-
3- -Songs, sayings, jokes – you can use it all.-

4-Sections to be completed:

5-Any information on a subject,-

6-what are the requirements to get the job,

7-whether there is any room for personal and professional growth, –

8-pros and cons of the profession,-

9 future trends,-

availability of work, –


-common issues at the job,-

-good web sites to visit if one needs more info…-

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