Creative problem solving and leadership

Topic: Creative problem solving and leadership

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Explore the relationship between “leadership” and “learning” and “creativity”. You may wish to also consider:
(a) the activities and profiling of yourself which have emerged over the module (and other profiling you may have undertaken in the past)
(b) some element of reading of the academic or business literature
A guideline of 2000 words is suggested excluding the bibliography.

This coursework is worth 50% of the overall marks available for this module.
Marking criteria for this piece of work will be:
A. Ability to draw on and synthesise your own experience (20%)
B. Ability to draw on and synthesise relevant material from the module (20%)
C. Evidence of adequate use of academic and business literature resources (20%)
D. Demonstration of integrative thinking, being able to address both higher-level/intuitive as well as more operational/analytical concerns (40%)
Personal reflection
Being an introvert, which means I am not very comfortable with sharing my ideas and thoughts with others. In the past, I lacked confidence when I was asked for my opinion or ideas fearing judgment from others. Through this module I have learned to determine how climate plays a crucial role as well as how to overcome my weaknesses. During the facilitator and client session, I learned that a facilitator who understands how to deal with each person makes you more comfortable and confident in sharing your ideas and thoughts with others and reaching a common goal. Having a leader that does not discriminate the opinions of the team members, and urges the team to give their opinions about certain project problems gave us freedom to be creative and more expressive.
Having experienced the 2:1 group, I felt it worked well because it gave me the opportunity to work independently while also being able to work with other members in the group. Having a leader that challenges your opinions by asking questions that could trigger creative discussions and using brainstorming made me realize my behavioral barriers that could hinder the progress of the team’s development strategy. This mechanism actually made me more comfortable and more creative; I was able to come up with more creative ideas without feeling judged or afraid.
Additionally, a leader that is able to add a factor of fun to the project can engage the team members and peak their interest in the said project. This leadership style gave me the freedom to exercise my preferred problem-solving ideas.

I am more of a developer than an explorer, I’m very shy and i like to follow not lead. during the course i learned about the characteristics of successful leaders as well as importance of climate change. i worked in an organization ( Dubai electricity and water authority) and it was so negative that it made me not want to work, i became so demotivated that i quit my job. the climate was horrible. My manager was horrible, he was never there and never taught me anything, i was teaching my self everything.

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