Creating a lesson plan

Create a lesson plan and draft 20 essential questions. Details in instructions and all required material attached.

—–Part 1: Partial Lesson Plan Select a 1-5 grade level and a corresponding Arizona College and Career Ready Standard or other state standard based on the Number and Operations in Base Ten domain. Using the “COE Lesson Plan Template,” complete the lesson plan through the Multiple Means of Engagement section, making sure the activities are supported by the recommendations found in the topic materials. Include appropriate support and guidance to help students learn related academic language. —–Part 2: DOK Essential Questions –Upon completion of the partial lesson plan, draft 20 essential questions to guide meaningful learning progressions and foster problem-solving for students with disabilities, using the “DOK Questions Template.” Five of the questions should activate prior knowledge and the remaining 15 questions should be based on the progression of the lesson activity, probing the four Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels. –Using four of the questions you drafted, one from each DOK level, identify the following using the DOK Questions Table within the “DOK Questions Template”: -Examples of student responses -Rationale of why chosen question meets DOK level

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