Creating a database to store information

Cyprus Colympic Park has hired you to create a database to store information about the park. Based on

the following requirements, design an ERD.

The park has a number of locations. Each location has a unique location id, an address, and a description.

Each location has different areas, for example, picnic areas, football fields, etc. An area is located in one

location. Each area has an area id, a type, a description and a size. An area id is unique within locations.

Together the area id and the location id identify each area. There can be sporting events that are held at

the park, and the park tracks the unique event id, the event name, number of types and a description.

Sporting events can be organized in multiple areas, and in an area; zero or more sporting events can be

organized. Keep track of the date and time as well as the result of the event that is organized in different

areas. There are many participants that participate to the sporting events. A participant may attend zero

or more sporting events, and a sporting event may include one or more participants. Keep date and time

for each participant that participated to the sporting events. Participants have a unique id, name, date of

birth and age. Each participant has a history. For each participant history keep history id, description, and

year participated in the database. Participants’ history belongs to only one participant, but a participant

may have more than one histories. Participant history is identified by participant id and history id together.

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