Creating a ‘clean-sheet’ design

Assume you are an Aircraft Designer at an aircraft manufacturer that makes Transport Category airplanes in
the United States. This manufacturer has offered you the task to create a ‘clean-sheet’ design (meaning that
this will be an entirely new aircraft design, not based on any current aircraft models in existence). You realize
before you receive any of the mission requirements for this new aircraft, there are regulatory constraints that
must be met in the design of this new aircraft. You need to discuss some aspects of these regulatory
requirements placed on aircraft designed, manufactured, and certificated under 14 Code of Federal
Regulations (CFRs) part 25 rules.
Let’s also say this manufacturer has a new CEO who is not familiar with the aircraft design and manufacturing
process. You have been tasked to brief this new CEO on the regulatory requirements imposed on aircraft
certificated under 14 CFR part 25. Keep in mind that this CEO has a reputation of falling asleep during long
briefings, so make your briefing lively and direct.

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