Create a Resume

Assignment: Create a Resume
Select a prominent figure in the world of politics, science, history, or entertainment and write a resume and cover letter they might have used to apply for their currently-held position. For example, a resume for President Obama would assume that he was just now applying for the job of President of the United States and would include his experience and accomplishments up until that time.
The information in the resume about your selected subject must be complete, accurate, and up to date. You are free to use any reference resources you like, whether printed or digital. Keep track of your sources and include a list of references with your submission on a separate page.
The resume itself should be no more than two pages long, and the cover letter no more than one page. The type and format of the resume are up to you, but they should be appropriate for the person you select and the position for which the person is applying.
In this assignment, creativity and craftsmanship can play a big role in your grade. You are free to be fanciful or whimsical in your subject selection. You can also use color, watermarks, and fonts to create a design appropriate to your subject, as in the attached sample resume. However, you must also be conscious of the format in which you submit your work. For example, when you use a special font in a Word file, the font only appears on other computers that have that same font installed, unless you explicitly embed the font in the file (under Save options). The Adobe PDF format is preferable for this assignment, because it preserves all of the fonts and other formatting from the original document.

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