Create a Program

Create a Program

Project description
Please complete the assignment using this rubric and document every step that you do Assignment Guidelines
When submitting lab assignments and programming projects, you must submit the entire project (all source files). Be sure to make frequent backups and always keep a backup copy.
Save a zipped copy of the Visual Studio Project to the D2L Dropbox as directed in class.

Programming Assignment Rubric:
Programming assignments will be evaluated based upon a number of elements.
Generally these will include:
user interface convenience, efficiency, overall appearance 20%
selection of algorithm logic correct and efficient 20%
program design proper use of variables, event handling 15%
program documentation comments, meaningful variable names 15%
program execution executes correctly with correct user input 20%
handles bad user input, traps/prevents errors, if required 10%

Bus Adm 335-001
Spring 2015
Programming Assignment #1
Dropbox Due Date:  Thursday, Feb 19, 9:30 AM

A dairy farmer is thinking of enclosing some pasture land and wants to compute the cost of fencing for various possible sizes of enclosure.  In this assignment you are to create a program to compute the length and cost of fencing needed.  Assume that the fencing cost is $20.00 per lineal foot.   The area enclosed will be a rectangle.  Use text boxes to accept the user’s input and labels to display results.  Assume that all dimensions are in feet and that decimal values are permitted.  The user inputs needed are length and width.  The outputs displayed will be fence length and fencing cost.  The fencing cost must be displayed in a label in currency format.

•    Your program will be graded based on the rubric given in the syllabus.
•    Be sure to use variables of appropriate names and type for all variables.  Likewise be sure to name objects such as text boxes, labels and buttons.
•    Take care to zip your completed project correctly.  To check that you have done it correctly it’s a good idea to extract (unzip) the project and see if you can open it.
•    Once you are sure it is zipped correctly submit it to the Project 1 Drop Box.

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