Create a Budget

How about a R&R & R&R2 program . Is this something like you all were thinking? The Cognitive Centre developed the

internationally accredited cognitive-behavioral Reasoning and Rehabilitation programs. The programs teach skills and values which are antagonistic to

antisocial behavior and are essential to the achievement of pro-social competence. Guided by research conducted of R&R, you have R&R2 that is specialized and

shorter programs that are tailored to the needs of specific groups of offenders and other antisocial individuals.

L.A. has three prison facilities, one being a state prison, and we could proposal this program for the adult facilities and the two juvenile facilities. This

program has seen success and there is a lot of information to help put the project together. The budget would have to cover instructors, training, counselors,

researchers, and administrative cost. It seems feasible. If we provided services at just these facilities it would keep overhead way down. Just rent a small

office for a training and HQ.

We could also put in the proposal to apply for the Second Chance Act grant to help continue funding.

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