COVID-19 Outbreak on Northeastern University Campus

This is a research paper for Industrial Engineers that want to study and analyze the COVID-19 outbreak in Boston and then simulate the outbreak in Northeastern University Campus.

The paper should consist of two sections, first is the Covid-19 outbreak in Boston city simulation/prediction literature review and the second is simulation implementation of the Covid-19 outbreak on campus. The final paper should include the following two sections:

1- Covid-19 outbreak in Boston literature review:
In this section, you will have to write a literature review about the COVID-19 outbreak in Boston. You should cover the literature review also fron an industrial engineering perspective by explaining how the situation was handled, transportation control, and controlling the spread of the virus.

You should use Scholary Articles in the literature review and refer the review with evidence (Numbers, statistics, and calculation). Find the predictions methods that were used to collect data and analyze the numbers and to make decision

Also, you should analyse the numbers and compare Boston numbers with other big cities in the US by focusing on how the situation was handled and what applications was applied in Boston to handle the pandemic.

2- A simulation implementation for Northeastern University campus case (Simulation modelling/Industrial engineering application /Operation Research tools).

In this section, you will use different industrial engineering methods to simulate the COVID-19 outbreak in Northeastern University. This study aims to analyze the situation on Northeastern University campus by making predictions on number of students on campus, number of students effected by the virus, and how many students could be effected on campus in the current situation.

To achieve these numbers, we want to pick three main building on campus that student visit daily during their day on Campus:
1- Snell Library
2- Curry Student Center
3- Snell Engineering

Considering these three buildings, we want to make some IE calculations to build a simulation model and compare the numbers in every building. The result should show the outbreak of the virus in these building and how many students could be effected given different circumstances. Finally, we should analye the results from an industrial engineering perspective and come up with a solution based on the results to handle the COVID-19 outbreka on the campus. Here are the steps :

  1. First, we need to test the numbers of student visiting these three building daily during the COVID-19 situation under different circumstances.

Building Area (M^2) Average Number of Student/ Day Average Number of Infected Students/Day
Snell Library 200,000 sq. ft. 4500 Predict
Curry Student Center 70,000 sq. ft. 5000 Predict
Snell Engineering 50,000 sq. ft. 1000 Predict

Number of Students visiting the building in different days of the week:

Building Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Snell Library 4500 3000 4500 4500 3000
Curry Student Center 5000 3333 5000 5000 3333
Snell Engineering 1000 666 1000 1000 666

  1. Second, we want to analyze these number and test the numbers of infected students in these building and how it could effect the spread of the virus. For this, we need to generate a formula and define its variables that can be used to find the number of students who could be effected form the virus given the number of infected student in the three buildings. Every building should have her own calculations and predictions based on the number of student in the building by the given area.
  2. Third, we want to simulate the infected students interactions with other students in the building to show the outbreak of the virus on campus. This could be done first by using different IE methods like Probability and Statisctics methods. Then we want to focus on simulation modelling of this situation then simulation analysis. A simple simulation modelling could be done for the three buildings using Arena software. (IF YOU USED ARENA PLEASE SHOW ALL THE SCREENSHOTS IN THE THE REPORT AND SEND US THE ARENA FILE AFTER COMPLETION). If you can’t use Arena or any simualtion software to demonstrate the process, please use any IE method to come up with an objective finction and number of constraints to solve the problem.
  3. Fourth, analyze the simulation results for the three building and come up with the final solutions. We should have a clear equation that can be used to find number of possible infected student given the total number of students and the number of infectoed students.
  4. Fifth, discuss from an industrial engineering perspective what should be the optimal solution to handle this COVID-19 situation on Northeastern University Campus. Give the exact numbers of students that should be on the three buildings to maintaining safe study enviroment handleing the COVID-19 outbreak on campus.

These steps should be provided with all the steps by providing data tables, equations, calculations, graphs, and simulation screenshots. The conclusion should be based on the predictions done by you by giving the optimal solution and the final analysis of the model.

Please use Scholary Articles as a reference and maintain official sites for data collection. You can find more data about number of students in the University in this site:

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