Answer the attached questions. The answers are in the textbooks below. The answers must be true and cover the right answers and not just a summary or an opinion. Please answer the question as it say. Try to make the answer as short as you can and of course. I attached one of my classmates’ answers. The word limit should be same as the example. You should not write the same answer at all, but it can help you a lot in answering the questions. Some of the questions are not %100 correct. No citation as you’ll see in the example. I’m not American student, but study in America. I need an excellent work that cover the write answer A+. Again the word limit should be the same as the example.

Be aware that some of my classmates are going to order the same work.

Text 1: Parker, L Craig

Crime and justice in japan and china a comparative study, Carolina academic press, 2013.

Text 2: Qiu Xiaolong

Don’t Cry, Tai Lake: An Inspector Chen Novel, 2012.

1.    In Parker’s text, and in class, he identifies a number of futures cenarios as to how the Chines system will play out politically in future years. Identify at least three scenarious or possible outcomes. Then, pick the one that you believe is most likely and argue persuasively why it will occur over next 20 to 30 years.

2.    What approaches to crime fighting and criminal justice in the United States could be realistically be transplanted to Chince and Japan? Are there several, none or what is your take on what could be realistically be transplanted given the differences in cultures of the three nations?

3.    Compare both Chinese and Japanese criminal justice systems. Identigt and discuss at least 8 points of similarities and 8 point of differences.

4.    From the book “Don’t Cry Tai Lake” , the author describes Inspector Chen in action doing police work. How does his work in this fiction based account compare with what is laid out in Parker’s text? Are there similarities and differences? What are they?

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