Course conclusion assignment

Course conclusion assignment
Utilizing chapter 12 in your textbook, answer the following questions supporting your responses with textbook references (information that backs up your thoughts):
1. Compare and contrast the disassociated identity with schizophrenia. What are the significant differences? If you had to have one of these disorders, which one would you prefer it be, and why?
2. Could the biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors behind psychological disorders all be correct, or is there only one factor that dominates? Explain.
3. Is it possible that an individual with dissociative identity disorder can develop new personalities through suggestion by a therapist?
4. How can society help individuals with psychological disorders overcome the stigma and labeling they face every day?
5. Why is it difficult for an individual with a psychological disorder to identify and find the correct treatment of a physical illness? What are some ideas that might be considered for correcting this problem

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