ENT 200
Principles of Entrepreneurship
Undergraduate Program
Winter 2016
Assessment 1
Submit the report through myCourses
Reports submitted should be in either word or pdf format.
The Zipcar car case study allows you to closely track the development and evolution of the
company’s business model in the very early stages of its life. The case describes the
development of Zipcar, a car sharing service located in Boston, but with national ambitions.
The case includes the very first version of a financial model for the business, a version that
was developed after significantly more research and which served as the basis for funding
and actually starting the business; and finally, the case provides data from the first few
months of operations which must then be played back against this articulation of the business
model to determine how the company is faring.
Provide a 2500 word report that analyses the Zipcar case study and evaluates the business
from inception of the idea, developing of the business plan through to the financing of the
venture. The analysis and evaluation should consider the potential of the venture as well as
the progress the team has made this far.
Students are encouraged to use any theoretical concepts and industry examples to offer depth
of argument.
Embedding alternative perspectives; strategies and processes is encouraged as it would offer
coherence and synthesis to the narrative.
*A copy of the case study can be retrieved from myCourses
Any work submitted by a student in this course for academic credit must be the student’s own
work. If you present, as your own idea, any material copied, paraphrased, or extensively
drawn upon, you are plagiarizing—unless you give full citations for your sources. Of course,
you may make full use of ideas, arguments and information obtained from books etc. but you
must make clear which portion of your paper is not your own and provide a detailed reference
to the original source.
Assignments which violate Hult’s Honor code may not be revised. In the first instance of
plagiarism, the plagiarized assessment will be given a grade of zero and will result in
automatic Disciplinary Probation. You may also be required to rewrite the plagiarized
assignment for no additional credit.
Subsequent violations of the Honor code are assessed on a case by case basis before the
Academic Standards Committee and may result in sanctions up to and including dismissal
from the program.
You are responsible for ensuring that you have read and understood the section entitled
“Academic Integrity” in the Student Handbook. If you have any questions about that
material, please speak to your instructor.

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