Country Reports on Terrorist Trends

Country Reports on Terrorist Trends
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Topic: Country Reports on Terrorist Trends
It is no secret that countries and regions differ in their exposure to terrorist groups and terrorist violence. Understanding these trends and what factors determine the rates, trends, and types of terrorist activity are critical to formulating an effective and appropriate response.

For this activity, select one region/country (not the United States) from the US Department of State’s Country Reports on Terrorism and write a 550 word post summarizing the trends in terrorism, the groups involved, and a concise summary of the effects on US interests in that region or country.
• Assume that this memo is for the Secretary of State, and consider what the Secretary of State would be particularly interested in related to this region.

It would be easier to write a multi-page paper on this topic, so your ability to write clearly and concisely (500 or more words) is critical here. You can find the country reports on terrorism at the official State Department website here, which was one of the readings for this module:
Country Reports on Terrorism 2010 in below website
When creating your essay, remember that, at a minimum, you should:
• Demonstrate a critical evaluation of the material
• Respond to the questions posed in the discussion forum
• Include references to the readings in support of the main argument
• Be original and thoughtful in response to the issue presented for discussion
• Use correct grammar and spelling (you may want to draft your response in a Word document and then cut and paste it into the online discussion forum)
• Be responsive to questions or comments posted by other users

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