Counting Calories and Exercise

  1. Read these two sources on 2000 cal daily allowance:
  2. Research any additional scientifically reliable online or printed resources
    Questions (Total word requirement: ~250-300 words)
  3. What class of biological molecules does sugar belong to and what are the most common types of sugars in
    our diet?
  4. What are the main sources of sugars in your diet?
  5. How do sugar molecules provide us with energy? What other molecules (besides sugars) serve as a source
    of energy for our bodies?
  6. In terms of sugar consumption, what are potential dangers of processed foods and low-fat foods?
  7. How do we know how much energy different types of food have? Why food labels list everything per 2000
    calorie diet?
  8. How do we know how much food do we need to eat?
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