Counseling Techniques

Counseling Techniques

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Counseling Techniques and Treatment Planning

Reflect on what you know about effective counseling. How might counseling techniques specific to substance abuse be similar to or different from other counseling techniques? How might treatment planning for substance abuse clients differ from treatment planning for clients who are not substance abusers, and what may be particularly important when developing a treatment plan for these clients?

This week, you will examine various substance abuse counseling techniques and methods and determine their effectiveness in working with particular clients. You also will consider treatment planning and gain practice in creating a treatment plan that best addresses the needs of a client.
Learning Outcomes
By the end of this week, you should be able to:
? Compare substance abuse counseling techniques and methods
? Apply substance abuse counseling techniques and methods to a case study
? Develop a substance abuse counseling treatment plan
? Analyze ethical and legal considerations related to the treatment of substance abusers and clients who are addicted

Counseling Techniques

Last week you learned that there are a number of different types of assessment tests, techniques, and instruments. The same is true of counseling techniques and methods. In this Discussion, you will compare different counseling techniques and methods and consider how they may be applied to a case study.

To prepare for this Discussion:

? Review this week?s Learning Resources, focusing on substance abuse counseling techniques and methods.

? Reflect on how the counseling techniques and methods that are discussed may be applied to various cases.

? Review the DVD program, “Counseling Techniques and Treatment Planning,” with Dr. Tom Cargiulo. Reflect on the evidence-based counseling techniques and methods that he discusses..

? Consider what counseling techniques and/or methods you might apply to one of the two case studies.

? Select two counseling techniques and/or methods to apply to this case. Consider their similarities and differences and how each may best be applied to the case study in question.

With these thoughts in mind:
Write a comparison (similarities and differences) of at least two counseling techniques and/or methods. Then, explain how each might be applied to the case study you selected.

Note: Place the names of the techniques and/or methods you selected in the first line of your post. You will be asked to respond to a colleague who discussed at least one counseling technique and/or method that you did not.

Be sure to support your postings with specific references to the Learning Resources.

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