You are required to complete a written research paper on a Fortune 1,000 for-profit company

conducting business in the global market place. Your report is to cover the company?s international

products and strategies around marketing, sales, R&D, human resources, operations, manufacturing

and distribution. The paper must include the review of current business trade articles from popular

sources (i.e. Business Week, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Economist, Financial Times, etc.,) and

annual reports. You are required to submit a proposed company for approval no later than the second

class meeting. The completed paper should be 7-10 pages, typewritten and double-spaced. Included in

this number is a title page and a reference page, therefore, the body of the paper should be 5-8

pages. The paper must be prepared using Times New Roman 12 font and be in accordance with accepted

Tusculum College document style (APA, latest edition). You will be expected to cite at least eight

distinct references from journals/books in the Introduction and/or Strategies for Functional Areas

section of your paper. Each area must be clearly labeled. In the conclusion section, please make

sure to discuss what you see as the company?s strengths and weaknesses. None of the references may

be older than five (5) years. No paper will be accepted late.
The evaluation of the paper will be based on the rubric that has been posted to the Resources

folder on Moodle.

a. Title page

The title page should contain only the title of your paper and your byline. Do not include a

running head, a page header, or a page number on the title page. Running heads and page headers are

not to be used in any part of the paper. However, page numbering is required. Page numbering starts

with the first page of the body of the paper and continues through the reference page(s). Page

numbers should be placed in the upper right-hand corner of the page (exception: do not put a page

number on the first page of the body of the paper).

b. Introduction

This section introduces and provides background on the subject of the paper. You may, in this

section, cite articles from popular press publications (e.g., Business Week, Fortune, Wall Street

Journal, The Economist, etc.). These citations may count toward the required eight references from

popular press, journals, books, and/or annual reports. The introduction should only be one


c. Strategies for Functional Areas

This is the longest section and contains your discussion of the subject matter. It is also where

your major references are cited. Your textbook must be referenced here. Please note you must label

all functional areas with a heading.

d. Conclusions

This section contains your conclusions drawn from the articles/books you have reviewed. Credit will

not be given for any references used in this section. This is your opportunity to comment on all

you have learned.

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