Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Report Plan:
Each student is to prepare a plan for their report of no more than 500 words. This is to be done on Microsoft Word (or equivalent)
Your report plan should set out the key features of your report include specific areas of focus, key discussion points, and relevant examples and theories you may try to incorporate to support the discussions. The level of detail you provide will be dependent on the work you put into the plan but obviously the more you put into it, the more you are likely to get out of it.
Note: It is vital you put your name and student number on the plan so we can identify it easily. (You do NOT put your name on your final submission)

What are case study companies?
The case study companies are real-life UK listed, multinational corporations on which you can base your seminar discussions, in-class presentations and will, in turn, form the basis for your final assessment.

How do we integrate the case study companies into our studies?
As part of the pre-seminar work you may be asked to analyse your company in respect of the specific topic ready for discussion. This can help supplement your knowledge and provide basis for analysis and evaluation.
In respect of the student seminar presentations (see separate guidance) we will expect the presentations to reference the case study company you have been allocated – again as part of the discussion.

How will they be used as part of the assessment?
The assessment (report), when issued, will be linked to your allocated company in some form so you can use elements of your work throughout the module to aid your report.

* The company, which my assessment must discuss, is (Genus plc).
This link related to the company, and it’s contained to the annual company report.

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Risk Management Texts
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