Core Assessment Outline

Topic: Core Assessment Outline

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Establish clearly the two theories (Social learning theory and Social control theory) that you will be comparing and contrasting. Provide the background of each
theory. Provide the assumptions of each theory. Describe what is important to know and to do for each theory. When were the theories established? How? Are the theories
offshoots of other theories. Major theorists attributable to the theories that you selected. Demonstrates an exceptional understanding of the terminology in a CJ

Discuss multiple (more than 3) key ideas of each theory selected. Demonstrate an exceptional understanding of key concepts. Provide specific examples of each theory.
Cite the sources in APA format. Provide a complete “comparison” and contrast of both theories.

Prepare an outline of the Core Assessment Paper and develop the thesis statement

Proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence construction. The term paper contains fewer than 3 errors in the APA writing convention and in the paper
presentation (grammar, spelling, etc.). The artifact contains less than 3 errors in the following paper components: cover sheet, body of term paper, or reference page

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