Conversation Analysis

Conversation Analysis
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Task 1 will be assessed through a written essay of 2000 words that takes the form of an analysis of a conversation that took place within the practice setting making use of Hartley’s (1993) model of communication and reflection.
We want you to use Hartley’s (1999) model of Interpersonal Communication to analyse an example of a conversation in which you took part. The conversation needs to have been between a minimum of three people, and it must be professional in context.

Your work should be presented as an essay of 2000 words analysing a conversation which should include:
•A breakdown of the different sections of the conversation;
•A description of how beliefs and values affect the conversation;
•Use of literature from the course;
•Connection between theory and practice
•Learning achieved from completing the exercise

Your work needs to focus on the following:
•The Social Context – the setting, surroundings, environment, time and place and the effect these had on the conversation. (What effect did these have on me, and what effect did I observe them having on others?)
•Social Identity – how we see ourselves (how would I describe myself in the conversation and how would I describe others?)
•Social Perception – how we see others. (How did I see the other people involved in the conversation and how did I think they saw each other?)
•Codes – the way we communicate ?Verbal – Language
?Intonation – pitch and stress
?Paralinguistic – vocal sounds
?Kinetics – body and facial movements, non-verbal communication

•(How would I describe mine and how would I describe others?)

This assignment should be written in the third person

Assignments should be word-processed, not hand written and referenced using the standard format.

Always make back-up copies of your work and keep them in different places.

Hand back dates for assignments are three working weeks following submission.

Remember good written communication is about structuring your work so that your main content clearly signposted and developed and the reader is guided logically from one section/subsection to the next.

Proofread and edit your work before handing it in, checked against the learning outcomes, assessment criteria, grading criteria/rubrics and this guidance, as well as checking against the Referencing, spelling, grammar and punctuation guidance on Study Hub.

Your work must be word processed, double spaced and page numbered. You must also include a word count.

As with ALL your written assignments, you must use the Harvard system of referencing to cite your sources in the body of your paper. Your work should include at least ten different academic sources, one of which should be a journal article.

Essay should include the following conversation:

The following conversation is between a parent P, a teacher T and a child C.
The meeting was held in the evening after school at 5:30pm. P and C were there 15 minutes before. P told the receptionist why they were there and asked her, the way to the classroom. P had a chance to see C’s handwriting books, activities, art work and projects that had been done in class. A few minutes later T came out and warmly welcomed P and C and asked whether P had seen C’s work which had been left outside on the table. P replied that she had. P commented that C had put great effort into her projects and art work but her handwriting needed to improve.
T replied that C’s hand writing was much better than others in the class. I don’t have any concerns regarding C’s progress she is doing really well. I am working on mental maths these days in class. We are preparing them for the next level they will have to solve lots of questions in a certain amount of time.
P replied when she came to C’s numeracy workshop she noticed C was very slow at this. P said even when C does her numeracy homework, she takes a long time. P asked T what she could do to help her improve. T suggested giving C 10 or 15 minutes to do her homework. T then said that this method was used in the class. P thanked T for this and her time.

Introduction- 250 words
Analysis (including conversation)-1500 words
Conclusion-250 words

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