Contracting and Procurement in Project Management

Apply knowledge of the bid and proposal processes, including preparing the make-or-buy analysis, project bid proposal, preparing an RFP and a response, and formulating a contract strategy.
Develop both an outsourcing proposal to the corporate board and an RFP to vendors using proven PM methodologies.
Integrate contracting and procurement activities into overall project cost and schedule. You have decided to move forward with the scheduling tool implementation project. I In addition to purchasing the software, you need to procure additional goods and services to implement and deploy the tool. First, conduct a make or buy analysis for each of the following, and then develop an RFP for the items you decided to purchase:

Hire technicians to install and configure the software for your environment. Hire a training entity to teach the student PMs the mechanics of using the new tool. Buy a new server and software to run the tool and house the project database. Hire tool usage experts to transfer knowledge to the student PMs about the use of the tool on the job for the first 60 days after going live. Plan for the removal and disposal of the scheduling tool software and hardware that are no longer to be used. Your manager has scheduled an afternoon meeting with you to discuss your strategies for the procurement items for the scheduling tool implementation project.

Develop your make or buy approach as well as the RFP, and be sure to respond to the following questions: Did you decide to make or buy the goods and services for your project? Justify your answer. Why is making it in-house a good decision or why is it not? What were the elements to consider in the make or buy decision? What are the elements of the RFP used? Why are they important? What are the risks involved in the procurement of the goods and services for the project?



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