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contract law

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This coursework revolves around the resale (touting or scalping) of tickets for sporting and cultural events. The internet has seen the development of a huge secondary ticket market where people will sell ‘in demand’ tickets for inflated prices. Whether this should happen or not is a contentious political issue.

You can find some background here:

The Government has just announced the Review required by the Act

Materials Provided

On Blackboard you will find:

1. The Section from the Rugby World Cup Ticket Terms and Conditions that deal with Ticket Use (sections 11-16).

You can find the full set of Terms and Conditions here:
2. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 Part 3 Chapter 5 Secondary Ticketing s 90-95.

You will be able to find material that further explains the statute.
There are two elements to this coursework. The first three parts are problem based and consider the practical application of contract law using the terms and conditions provided. Part d) concerns the law on the resale of tickets more generally.
Structure of your work
You need to make sure your work has a proper structure so it needs an introduction, middle and conclusion. In the introduction explain what area of contract this is and what the general issues are. You need to decide how best to tackle each issue and in your conclusion sum up.

It will be fine to keep Part d separate from the other 3 and it probably makes sense to start it on a fresh page.

Tip: When you have finished proof read it thoroughly. There is nothing worse than reading an essay with good material that has lots of minor errors, you are throwing marks away.
You need to go beyond textbooks to answer this question so practice your research skills and see what you can find. There is a lot written in this area which will give you a general understanding as well as the specific knowledge.

Tip: try the electronic databases such as Westlaw or Lexis. If you use Google Scholar make sure you narrow down to UK sources unless you are deliberately looking for context.

Ensure you reference your work (your work will go through electronic checking), if you are not sure ask. Make sure your work is properly referenced with a Bibliography that is set out in an appropriate way. Don’t make sloppy mistakes in your Bibliography.

Tip: Open a new word file called Bibliography and each time you use a source add it in the right format. You can then add this file when you finish writing the essay. It saves you scrabbling around afterwards to find the materials you used.
Enjoy your writing and be proud of your work and make sure sure you narrow down to UK sources unless you are deliberately looking for context.
Bob is a keen rugby enthusiast and was desperate to get tickets for the Rugby World Cup. He heard that tickets would be oversubscribed so for some games he applied for more than he actually wanted. However to his surprise he was allocated all of them in the ballot.

Part1: 1500 words 75% of the mark

a) For the first match Bob has six tickets for him and his friends. One of his friends Rita, drops out at the last moment. Sadiq who is going to the game with Bob, says that Sue who has recently moved in next door will come; Sadiq puts the ticket through her letter box. However as Sue is working late, she has agreed to meet Bob and his friends at the ground, but may not arrive until after the game has started. Sue has agreed to pay Bob the money for the ticket when she arrives.

b) For the second match Bob has two extra tickets. His close friend Andrew’s wife recently died of cancer. Andrew has decided that instead of going he will donate his ticket to the hospice, which cared for his wife, as a raffle prize. The other ticket is bought by his friend Carmen who kindly gives Bob £10 extra on top of the ticket price ‘to cover his expenses’. Andrew’s friend Jim wins the raffle prize and gives the ticket back to Andrew as a gift.
c) For the third match Bob has 4 spare tickets however it is something of a dead match as neither team has anything to play for. He advertises them at £5 less than face value on a private ‘members only’ section of a rugby fans website and sells two.

Bob has decided not to go but does not get rid of his own ticket or the other two as it is too much hassle. The ground is half empty for the match and the atmosphere is poor.

Advise all the parties, in the three scenarios, as to any problems that might arise.

Part 2: 500 words 25% of the mark

d) Bob has enjoyed the games so much that he wants to get some tickets for the final. He looks on and finds that some are available, although very overpriced. Bob is worried if buying them is ‘legal’ and wants to make sure any ticket he buys isn’t too high up as walking up a lot of stairs is difficult for him.

Advise Bob as to the law on buying tickets on the secondary market and what the risks are.

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