Context in Learning and Development

Context in Learning and Development
Learning outcomes:
1 Understand the nature of organising and managing in a variety of contexts.
2 Be able to analyse the key factors influencing achievement of strategic objectives in varying
organisational contexts and their impact on L&D policies and practice.
3 Understand how to develop L&D policies and activities to respond to and exploit the limitations and
opportunities arising from varying contextual factors.

Assessment brief/activity
You have been asked to provide a slide (or equivalent) presentation* lasting around 20 minutes on ‘The context of L&D’. The presentation could be for new starters in your team or to other key stakeholders in your organisation. You should assume they will have less understanding of organisations and L&D than those with a longer experience of employment in an L&D role.
Activity 1
? In preparation, you should develop slides (or equivalent) with related notes pages that cover the following:
? Similarities and differences between organisation types
? An evaluation of the implications of these different organisation types for L&D
policy and practice
? At least three internal and three external factors that can impact on the
achievement of organisational objectives
? Your findings from using at least two analytical tools
? An explanation of at least five ways the L&D function can assist organisations in
achieving their objectives
? The steps involved in developing L&D policy and practice
*Please note: there is no requirement to deliver a presentation

Only, activity one you need to do it. This is a diploma course. I need to pass this course badly.

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