Content Analysis

Content Analysis

look at a chart and graph

Underemployment in College students

Year    JSTOR    Soc Index    Social Science Full Text
2002    162    3
2003    156    4
2004    147    3
2005    149    3
2006    194    8
2007    156    11
2008    140    9
2009    156    9
2010    137    7
2011    136    12
2012    125    12

Pick one word or phrase about either the topic you are thinking about for your proposal.?

One way to measure the level of scholarly interest in a topic is to look at how many scholarly publications there are about it.?
One way to measure time is by year.???
Independent variable: Year from 2002 to 2012?
Dependent variable: Number of publications per year that use your keyword or phrase.

???What is the difference between the way the independent and dependent variables are described in the introduction and before Step 2?  Why do you think they were changed?

How is JSTOR different from the other? ?What do the 153 titles in JSTOR sociology refer to?? What are some of the optional search fields in the different databases??

Independent variable: Year from 2002 to 2012?Dependent variable: Number of English language journal articles published per year in peer-reviewed sociology journals that use your keyword or phrase in the title, abstract or full text.????How is the dependent variable different than the earlier versions? Why would we make these changes??Do we actually have to read the articles when collecting the data for this lab?


Are your two columns of data the same? If not, how do they differ?


Look carefully at your graph.
Overall, what does the graph show?
For example, was the number of articles increasing, decreasing or steady?

Did the two databases have similar or different results?

Remember that reliability means consistency.??How reliable do you think this data collection method is? If two different people followed the same instructions and chose the same word or phrase, do you think they would get the same results? Why?

Remember that validity means how well we are doing at measuring what we intend to measure.??How valid do you think this data collection method is? That is, how well do you think this method does at measuring the level of scholarly interest in your topic?

What additional information or kinds of information would be useful to better understand this data? ??How would you improve this study?

Soon you will be working on a preliminary bibliography of scholarly sources for your proposal.  ??Did you learn anything in this lab (including the thinking questions) that might help you when you start searching for sources? What are some useful take away points from this lab?

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