In accordance with the Faculty Policy on Attendance, students are expected to attend at least 90% of the
compulsory sessions in an Unit of Study. In this Unit of Study this means that you must attend AT LEAST 10-11
tuto ‘ u I s wor ‘ complete this Unit of Study.


Choose a contemporary art work from the MCA or Art Gallery of New South Wales collection. Critically evaluate
the artwork.

Answer the questions below in whatever structure you deem fit.

1. How is it contemporary?

2. How does it embody “the post-conceptual”.

3. What contemporary art issues does it broadly discuss.

4. What are its antecedents or its legacy. Chose two artworks by different artists to help contextualize this
work. What are the similarities and what are the differences (in other words what distinguishes this work
form these other examples)

You must argue for your position using scholarly articles and books and other information. You must footnote at
least 5 separate citations. The reading list will help in this endeavor.

This assignment is meant to engage contemporary art practice. You need to engage in contemporary art like a
fashion designer would engage in contemporary fashion or a filmmaker in films being made “now”. It may be
important to look at modernist and postmodern works as context but please distinguish these works form the
contemporary work. The question of what characterizes the contemporary is at stake in this assessment.

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