Contemporary issues in early intervation

Discussion Question 1 – The word limit is 600 words
Analyse one of the “Stories” (i.e. Nicole, Adam, Karen etc) from Moore and McDonald (2013) with reference to Guralnick’s (2011) Developmental Systems perspective as illustrated in Figure 1 (p.8) and Figure 4 (p.14). What were the stressors for the families and how did the supports provided impact on the families in terms of their personal characteristics and/or material resources as well as their interactions with their child/ren. With reference to the readings explain how the Early Intervention services promoted more ‘optimal outcomes’ for these children and their families.
Discussion Question 2 – The word limit is 600 words.

This aim of this task is to choose an evaluation method that would be useful to evaluate your current early intervention educational setting.

1. Briefly describe the setting (I can do this if you like)
2. Design a specific question that you will be investigating. For example:
“Are parents satisfied with the quality and quantity of early intervention?”
“Do children with complex needs receive a higher number and greater diversity of early intervention supports?”
“Are staff satisfied with professional development opportunities?”
“How is quality teaching supported in the early intervention setting?”

3. Discuss what measures should be included in this evaluation and describe the specific assessment tools (eg: surveys, interviews, observations) or methods (quantitative, qualitative, mixed) you would use to conduct the evaluation.
4. State why the information gathered from this evaluation will be useful

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