Contemporary Development Issues – Hungary

Contemporary Development Issues – Hungary

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Contemporary Development Issues

In this assignment, you’ll consider the issues affecting your country’s economic development, then write

a discussion that covers the 3 you consider the most significant or important problems it faces.

? Where should you start?

You are already familiar with your country’s economic situation from the first assignment. Your goal now

is to consider the problems that either are currently affecting its development – or will affect it in the

short term unless they are addressed.

? Here are questions to consider:

What are the most important economic issues that your country currently faces?   These may include

domestic production, international trade, debt, currency or financial system problems, et cetera.

What significant social issues does your country face that are linked to or have effects on its

economy?  These may be associated with its population structure, political system, conflicts with

neighboring country, internal distribution of wealth or income, and so on.

What environmental issues are affecting your country’s economic development – either currently or in

the near future? These may be associated with pollution (air, water, soil), resource availability, patterns

of natural disasters or climate changes, et cetera.

? What is your task?

Identify the 3 issues with significant links to the economy that you feel are the most important issues

the country is currently facing.  Of these, at least 1 must be primarily economic and at least 1 primarily

social but entailing significant economic effects.

For each, you’ll explain the issue and its effects on the country’s economy; you’ll also indicate why the

issue is difficult to address! For each, you’ll write 2-3 paragraphs to cover: (i) the issue’s background

(how did the issue arise?); (ii) its economic significance (why does it have important effects on the

country’s prospects for economic development; and (iii) why it is difficult for the country to address (in

other words, why is it “tough” for the country to deal with the issue?).


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