Consumer Behavior Report

Consumer Behavior Report

use CB theories in marketing to apply with examples as 3 advertises for children and 3 advertises for adults.

Using this book for your main references and there are many theories that you can apply to compare between 6 TV commercial advertises “Quester P, Petigrew S, Kopanidis F, & Hill SR 2014, Consumer Behaviour: Implications for Marketing Strategy, McGraw-Hill, Sydney”. Please make sure that you analyse examples with applying theories, not just theories. You can find 6 examples that I mentioned before in Australia, maybe there are different categories.

Advanced CB Summary Information

Topic:Students will be required to watch (3) television commercials aimed at children under 9 and three (3) aimed at adults. They will then analyse any similarities or differences between the two set of commercials from an information processing perspective and present their findings in a report. To guide them in writing the reports, an outline for writing a report will be provided to assist them organise their work

Plan Component    Component Summary            Maximum Marks
Executive summary    Optional            5
Clear explanation of the purpose of the research and its importance to CB and marketing in general
Research goals     Any specific aims of the research and how the study contributes to the literature and C B practice?
Background research    Literature review and how it guides the current research             20
Methodology     A brief but systematic explanation of how the research was conducted
Results     Clear explanation of the key observations made            15
Discussion     Discussion of how the results relate to marketing, consumer behaviour and business in general
Conclusion     Brief conclusion showing whether the purpose of the research was achieved, how it contributes to the literature and CB. Also, what you have learnt and how will this knowledge assist you as a marketing executive. Any limitations to the research? How do you intend to overcome them next time?            5

Proper referencing, appendix, spelling and punctuation     A good review to ensure all bugs have been eliminated            -5

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