construct an advertising campaign

construct an advertising campaign

Order Description

Ruby and Bella (sisters and both graduates with MSc International Marketing) have inherited a large sum of money from their Aunt and have decided to open a juice bar in Buchanan Street near Buchanan Galleries. The juice bar will emphasise health and wellbeing. They have decided to open the juice bar on Saturday 10th October 2015 and have arranged for a company to provide a party atmosphere during that weekend. However they have not decided on a name or logo for the juice bar and have asked you to consider this as part of your advertising campaign.

The objective is to get full capacity during the opening weekend.
The target market is:
•    18-30 year olds
•    Males and Females
•    Students and those in employment

The Small Print:
This report should be handed into the programmes office (Janice Craig W117) no later than 3.00 pm Tuesday 11thAugust  2015. Please also put a copy in Turnitin (there will be a button under the assignment button on GCU learn). It does not need to include sketches etc – I will mark from the paper copy.
Please note that extensions will ONLY be given if medical evidence is received. The maximum period for an extension is 3 weeks.
Only work that is handed in before the deadline will be marked – so ensure that you hand in completed pieces of work.

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