Considering Consumes

Considering Consumes

By looking for what we consume and what we need, will show the huge difference between these two. Food is one of lives necessary elements. For many people food is not an easy thing to get, or to have the choice in what to eat. Looking for homeless people, and the famines in Africa shows that food is a grace, which we should keep. It can work as double edged sword. Food can keep you alive, but it can put your life in the dangerous side. To be in the safe side you have to fix your eating styles. Eating unhealthy food and consuming more than what you need, are two of the worse styles a person can have. Consumption more than what we need of food effects the society also. The consumption of more than what we need is not only on food, it’s in all things in life such as: cars, clothes, and shoes. Every problem in this life have its own solution. Consuming more than what we need is a problem, and for sure we have a solution for it. The main point that the world should have on that is decrement consumption. Decrementing the consumption is to have less consuming, or to just consume what we need. To get to that point we have to work as group for it. The solution can be divided into three important parts: first showing why do we need it, after that showing the different effects of consuming more, finally considering what we need and what the government should do. The person should start changing himself before changing others, because it is more influential for the world.

First, why do we need to decrement the consumption? The world has changed through the years. Nothing stayed the same. Looking for the past years we will find, that there are many things that have disappeared such as some animals. That’s because the people couldn’t care less, they hunt and kill them. People should have some care for the things in the world, to keep the things for a longer time. If we consume less, we will have the amount of supplies for a longer time, or we can give the extra for a people who really need it. The main idea after consuming just what we need is saving it for the future. Food can describe the whole situation. If you consume more than what you need you will have bad effects to your body look, health, and mind. Food plays a big part of a human life. It can make them live in a perfect way, or it can make their lives worse if the consume food in the wrong way. The wrong way is to consume what you don’t need. The life is going to prove that food is a grace. From a self-experience decrementing the consumption help you save some money, which you will use in the future.

Secondly, there are so many effects of consuming more than what you need. Some of the effects are for the person and some for the society. Discussing what the effects are for the person, shows that person is a part of the society. The person will lose his money and time, if he consumes more than what he needs. I believe that he will lose some friends for doing that. Being a consumer good is important for the person. The effects on society are so many. The society problem is harder to fix, because it’s a more detailed than a person. The problem is consuming more of the things, that are not needed for us but there is someone who need it. The problem gets worse and worse.
Three, considering the consumption and the government job is the best solution for the consuming problem. This includes having people considering what they need, and what they don’t need. That will help to have a better life. In a way or another we should consider things to see how much we cost, and what do we waste on more. After you consider everything, start to consume less until you hit the main point. The fact is that the government should be more active, which can be fixing the problem for the person. The most interesting thing that government can do is to raise tax on those people. By doing that the government can help more to consume less than before. The important thing in doing that, is to push people to have nothing to waste. After that, helping society is one of the most important thing that government is created for. An example of  how wasting has an impact on society, If we will look for the richest city in the world, which we will find that it is the most consuming place in the world. In the same richest cities you will find the affected people, which are homeless people. That means that rich people consumer more than others, and they affect others by consuming more. I can remember my dad saying that “if you buy something that you do not need some day you will sell something you need”. The main point after that is to keep consuming in the right way. Considering things help keeping everything in the right place for it. The consumers some day in the future will have nothing, if they do not consider things now.
Finally, the life has changed through the past years. It’s going to keep changing until the end, if there is an end. While we are in this world we should help each other to get to the safe side. For doing that consume what you just need, and the extra save it or give it to others. You can see what you need and what you don’t, by considering things. The main solution to the consumer is to make what each person need cheaper, easier to get, and to raise the prices of the unnecessary things. To wrap things up, it is really important to actively consider what we consume. The cause of considering is to see the huge different between, what we consume, and what we need.

* just make the essay stronger.
* the sources should be Pollan, Michael  “what’s Eating America”


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