Conflict Management-Ch.8: Designing Disputing Systems for Organizations

Conflict Management-Ch.8: Designing Disputing Systems for Organizations

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Decision Paper 4 Instructions
Within the previous decision paper, you chose Option A. This means that you believe that, as a business consultant, The Georges Hotel should reorganize the current management structure in order to correct perceptions of equity. A new management structure means that The Georges Hotel would also likely benefit from a new, formal DSD.
Therefore, in order to complete the first stage of the DSD process, The Georges Hotel must begin with an organizational diagnosis. Likewise, a needs assessment will need to be conducted on The Georges Hotel. You must decide on the following:
• Goals of the DSD and how progress towards these goals might be monitored.
• Stakeholders in the DSD
• The optimal members of the Design Team (DT)
Decision Paper 4 should detail these important points and provide justification for why these goals, stakeholders, and design team members should be used to focus the future DSD.
Helpful Hint: Pages 238 – 240 in the text will likely guide your application of the reading material to this decision.

PS- My professor is an absolute fanatic about APA format, any comma out of place and she lowers our grade.
I will be uploading a copy of the case and scans of pages 238-240 of our textbook: Conflict Management for Managers-Resolving Workplace, Client, and Policy Disputes by Susan S. Raines

Decision Paper Guidelines

Written as though you are a consultant hired by The Georges Hotel. All papers should be written in third person voice.
Explain why your decision is best based on conflict resolution principals. Do not detail how your decision would be executed.
Formal grammar and composition are expected.
The assignment and references must be in APA style. No title page or abstract.
The assignment must be submitted through Turnitin.
The assignment must be at least 1,000 words.
Demonstrate your knowledge by applying concepts from the textbook and additional assigned reading to your answers.
Provide proper citations/references for outside sources and the textbook.

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