Conflict in Marital Relationships

Conflict in Marital Relationships

Paper details:

Area 2 topics require the analysis of conflict by applying theory to a particular situation. Your interaction paper should:

1. Define the context of the conflict, providing relevant history and limitations of study.

2. Examine major issues of conflict and their causes in that context (identifiable from the literature).

3. Review communication methodologies used to resolve issues in the context.

4. Make recommendations for effective strategies to consider in resolving the conflict.

5. Make any recommendations for further study of the problem and/or solutions presented.

MLA format is appropriately used in the body of the paper.

Works Cited pages appropriately documents the resources used.

Adequate number of resources are used.

Paper is appropriate length. Recommended: 7–8 pages. No more than 10 pages.

Specific Content

Appropriate topic area is chosen for discussion (from the list provided).

Identifiable introduction and conclusion.

The context of the conflict is clearly defined. Relevant history is provided as well as the limitations of study.

Major issues of conflict are identified/narrowed for a thorough discussion.

Paper clearly presents a question that will be addressed.

Paper shows a thorough understanding of the major issues of conflict and their causes.

All points of analysis are well-documented.

A thorough review of communication methodologies to resolve conflict is presented (with recommendations from lit review).

The paper presents a clearly defined communication-related solution to the conflict.

The solution is shown to be workable and would solve the causes of the problem.

Recommendations for further study of the problem and/or solutions are presented.

Paper shows good use of conflict theory and the communication of the discipline in the analysis.


Paper is clear and concise.

Paper is proofread and uses appropriate structure and grammar.

The paper’s paragraphs are well-developed and contain fluid transitions


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