Conduct Research on Relational Database benefits

Conduct Research on Relational Database benefits

A logical grouping of store data would serve as an integral foundation for efficiency and convenience. The reason for this is that the appropriate variables (or entities in this context) can be grouped instead of the entire information being stored in a single data container. In our store, we have customers, products, suppliers, and employees that we can consider as entities. As you know, we don’t store data about customers, suppliers and employees in a meaningful and organized way, but if we use relational database, we can easily store data based on logical groupings. Storing data in a single data container can be cumbersome because everything is stored in a single body and therefore making the process of obtaining information to take long time, and updating some data impossible at a certain point when the database is already overloaded. All the risks that stand to affect our business in the long run because of unorganized data can be avoided with a relational database system.
The consequences of having a relational database system is astounding. Relational database is the best way to store data based on logical groupings. Our authorized employees can look into certain data with ease in case they are required by the managers or customers; certain areas of improvement like weakness of a certain product or service can easily be detected; and data sharing among our five stores would be easy. Privacy issues would not be an issue here since there could be a security program that can protect the data and only authorized employees can access our data. The fact that needed information could be now accessible at the touch of a button would ease us from the burden of employing a person just for conducting statistics, which is an added expense if we look deeper. Imagine, our store managers can retrieve a report that shows how many special products have been sold by employee x within a matter of seconds.

Consequently, the advantages of having a relational database system in our business are the following:
1. It will modernize our business.
2. Inter-store information sharing at the press of the button.
3. Access needed data for statistical purposes, e.g. which stores sell the most of a specific item; customer related information; demand for specific products that our store sells to increase our stocks; inventory related matters, and so on.
4. Stores can communicate easily with each other. In fact, there would be times when they need not call the other since chances are, needed information would be there and calling other branches is not of moment anymore.
5. Lastly, the entirety of the above stated benefits would increase profitability.
Taking the above stated advantages in consideration, it is believed that research regarding relational database system is highly important for our stores further path to success. Hoping for a favorable response for this request.


You will write an annotated bibliography of four sources. They must come from scholarly journals or trade journals

You will then write the annotated bibliography as follows:
• cite each article in APA format
• summarize each article in 100-150 words.
• write a one- or two-sentence evaluation at the end of the annotation explaining why this source might be helpful to you for your final report.
• list each reference (followed by its annotation) in alphabetical order.

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