Concert Report

Concert Report
Write a report that is 3-4 pages long (12 pt. Times double-spaced, 800 word minimum) of your experiences at the musical performance you attended. Performances attended prior to the course are not acceptable for the concert report.
The report should have the following elements:
! Name of the performer(s).
! Name of venue (include the name of the city).
! Date and time of the performance.
! If a classical concert is attended, list all of the pieces performed at the concert (every movement is not necessary). If a non-classical concert is attended, list five of the songs performed.
! A critique of two to three pieces/songs from the performance, using appropriate musical terms to describe what your musical experience.
! If you choose to critique a multiple movement work as one of the three, select one of the movements to write about.
! Include the following elements in your critique:
• The title and composer of the piece;
• At least two specific things that you enjoyed about the piece, or affected you in a positive way, or;
• At least two specific things that you did not enjoy about the piece, or affected you in an adverse way.
• Your overall impression of the music and any emotional reactions you had to the music.
• An overall opinion about if you liked or disliked the piece and why you have come to that conclusion.
• Provide and opinion about the quality of the performance. For example, did the group sound very good, or were there times when it sounded like there were wrong notes or things were out of tune?
• Include anything special or unique about the performance should be
included. Was the featured soloist especially strong? Was the conductor exciting to watch? Was there a particular section of the orchestra/group that was especially fun to watch and listen to? Anything like this is great and is what makes attending concerts such a special event.
! After attending the performance, submit your report in the following manner:
• Save the file as a .doc or .pdf format so the report will open. If the report does
not open, you will not receive a grade.
• Name your file “Concert Report” when you save your report to submit.
• Submit your report through the Assignments link in the menu.
Performer-DJ Khaled
Venue-The Observatory in Santa Ana

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