Concert Critique


Description: Write a essay on a concert that you went to and your paper must include the following details Give the context (background and general information) for the performance. The most important part of your review should consist of your thoughts and impressions of the entire experience. Explain why you did or did not enjoy the performance. Do not simply write I liked the performance because the music was pretty.’ Instead, explain why you enjoyed performances or did not. Be specific–use composer’s names and specific information. For example: The review should include a brief paragraph on each piece or movement performed. Include the composer, historical notes and your impression. Think: 3-4 sentences on each piece or movement. Did the melodies of the pieces linger in your memory for days afterwards? Could you lap your toe- to the rhythms? Were you awed by the technical skill of the performers? What is architecture of the performance space? How did the audience react to the performance? Was the printed programs helpful (and why)? Site the printed program as a source.


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