Computed Tomographic Dosimetry

Computed Tomographic Dosimetry

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What are the types of CT dosimetry like pencil ionization chamber. Measurement terminology (MASD) Multiple Scan average dose..
(CTWI) computed tomography index
(CTWI) volume
(DLP ) dose length
What are the differences between them?
Explain each one of them.
What is most accurate?
Dose comparison

RAD 466 is designated as a writing-intensive course. As such, there are requirements that must be met. As
listed below under the Guidelines for written assignments, the rationale and the writing expectations (including
the relative weighting of assignments) are explained. If any assistance is needed in formation of these writing
assignments then the student is highly encouraged to visit the Writing Center, either online or at their physical
location on campus, or consult with the course instructor.
I. Submission of five written assignments in accordance with the following guidelines. Note: Failure to
complete all of the written assignments will result in a letter grade of “F” for the course.
Guidelines for written assignments:
1. Students will determine the topic for each written assignment based upon specific areas of
interest arising from their clinical observations.
2. Papers are to be typed, double-spaced, on 81/2″ X ll” paper, with 1″ margins.
3. Papers are to possess a cover sheet containing the following information:
a. Title
b. The entire statement:
In Partial Fulfillment of RAD 466
Directed Study in Computerized Tomography
c. Date
d. Student name
4. Manuscripts must be free of typographical errors. All copies of the manuscript must be easily
readable. Erasures are not acceptable.
5. A bibliography must be furnished with a minimum of two sources, unless the manuscript is
entirely original.
6. A copy of journal articles or chapters in a book must accompany the report.
7. All reports are to be typed, and only the original may be submitted for a grade. APA or AMA
format is required.
8. If a student plagiarizes the assignment, said student will receive a zero (0) for his/her paper.
Note: If you are unsure what constitutes plagiarism, consult with the instructor/professor in
charge of the course.
9. Manuscripts are due according to the course calendar.
10. Manuscripts will be graded based on a grading rubric.

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