Computed Tomographic Angiography

Order Description

A nominated recent case from the literature, the case may be of interest because of a particular pathology (e.g. coronary arterial disease etc.), its management or its particular relevance to your specialism.

1- Introduction:
– Identification and justification of the significance of the case area.
– Incorporates brief review of recent literature relevant to the case.

2- Background/ Method:
Describes fundamentals of the case scenario (e.g. circumstances antecedent to the case, imaging requested, diagnostic pathway, etc).

3- Discussion:
– Significance and uniqueness of the case is well appraised.
– Relevance of the case is related back to the specific modality.
– Reflection on the case identifies areas for improvement.

4- Organisation:
– Case is presented in a logical and organised format, all headings are well linked. Appropriate illustrations included .

5- Academic Integrity:
– Sources are acknowledged correctly and confidentiality is maintained.

6- Referencing:
– The referencing style is Vancouver.
– The references must be within the last 10 years.

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