Comprehensive Project

Order DescriptionIdentify a competitive athlete who is prepared to be a volunteer and would like an analysis of their current diet. They will need to log their food for 3 days, recording all the foods they eat. In order to produce accurate analyses the specific food type and amount consumed (servings) must be accurate. This must be stressed to the athlete selected. Run an analysis on the actual intake vs recommended intake (you will submit this). Examine imbalances linked to:
1. Impact on performance (negative or positive) and what is happening to the body.
2. Health problems which may result (excess or deficiencies, short term and long term.
3. Justify the selection of alternative foods.
4. Discuss food selection and how this will impact performance:
a. Energy levels, strength, endurance, recovery time, injury prevention, disease resistance.
b. Incorporate discussion on the timing of nutrients in your response (refer to the International Society of Sports Nutrition position stand: Nutrient timing found at
5. Provide a template and justification for dietary changes. If your athlete appears nutritionally well balanced, your project will explain why the foods (and amounts) they consume maximize their athletic performance and short/long term health.

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