Composer style report

Composer style report

Paper details:
Choose a compposer and write a report describing and documenting that composer ‘s style. Use specific examples of he/she wrote to illustrate your point. Please note: any composer is good for me, as alone he or her being death for a long time.

Jveg”composjef livcd in 9 SW13 PmOd- Was their music typical of that period, or not?
m Lbs: Case: “1 What ways typical 0? not? Remmnbcr, for this you need to ‘os-ab’xe to
wn If: about tbs prevailing style, of the am
VVnSI‘e did’their Style céme from (teachel, family tradifiom imagination, 212.)? an
happened to ma? SW16 after they died (dlSappsaIed, taken up by others, new era resultsc,
You: examnles should iliustrate the points you make about’ths composer 5 mm.

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