complexities of teaching situations.

complexities of teaching situations.

R53 y em “1.118 and motivation theories to a fictional situation
(1?“ 0.” differenceS/similarities between portrayal of teaching and learning in
me a w‘th Personal experiences
udent Project:

This activity involves choosing and watching a popular movie that portrays teach
and learning and using that context to understand some of the theories
concepts discussed in the text and in class. You may end up watching the movie
more than once, as you consider the story and characters in light of various

concepts. A short starter list of possible movies follows.
0 To Sir, With Love
0 Mr. Holland’s Opus
0 Blackboard Jungle
0 The Marva Collins Story
0 Stand and Deliver
o The Miracle Worker
0 Dangerous Minds
0 Dead Poet’s Soc1ety
0 Freedom Writers
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