complete this Research Proposal about Uber.


complete this Research Proposal about Uber.
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instructions in the link.
I already finished most of the research and I need you to finish the last part 7(Budget).
I attached the work so you can see it and complete the last part.

More detail about (Budget).
Budget. All proposals describe the resources required to complete the project, and budgets can be structured in many ways. For this assignment, your team has been
allocated 100 XP to distribute among yourselves as you see fit. Think of these XP as equity shares in your company, and create a budgetallocation of these XP among
your team members. Also, describe the expectations placed upon each team member that will result in award of these XP. Finally, describe the decision-making structure
your team willemploy at the end of the product to determine the final XP allocation. The second major deliverableis the final report. Many of the sections are the
same, but presented in a different order, using the past (or present) tense, and with the benefit of your results. Although each section of the report will be
completed separately throughout the semester, you will be expected compile all sections of the report and submit a final draft that is unified, working carefully to
smoothly blend all sections together into a coherent report.


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